Wanna get away?

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to talk turkey travel. We rounded up some expert jetsetters who maximize their social media connections to get the most bang for their buck. Join us for their insight and insider information on November 20th for a panel discussion that you’ll be able to use when...

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Oct 01, 13 #Shutdown

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Oh the forlorn furlough. Yes it’s a sad day in DC for the federal employee. But are you going to take this shutdown lying down?! No sir! It’s time to get applying, putting your invauable government experience to the test and taking in all the freebies you can reap from the sympathetic (incuding but not limited to...

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Jobs of the Week

Aug 30, 13 Jobs of the Week

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We all gots to get paid. And wether you’re looking for a job to get you out of your funemployment slump, something that pays more than a stipend, or your dream job, we’ve got you covered with our newest weekly jobs board. So spruce up your cover letter and get to it. Here are a few highlights: The Non-profits: Do you...

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GIF: The Medium of the Future?

Aug 13, 13 GIF: The Medium of the Future?

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I recently stumbled upon a friend discussing his distaste for the GIF in a Facebook group post. He basically said they’re used as fluff pieces or for referencing something that made him feel out of his depth. I think many people can relate to this annoyance. But I felt, and still feel, passionate about the GIF. I get excited...

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