GIF: The Medium of the Future?

I recently stumbled upon a friend discussing his distaste for the GIF in a Facebook group post. He basically said they’re used as fluff pieces or for referencing something that made him feel out of his depth. I think many people can relate to this annoyance. But I felt, and still feel, passionate about the GIF.

I get excited about GIFs because of their potential. They’ve come a long way [baby]. They’re not just the sparkling stuff you remember from Myspace (btw, they’re totally owning their tainted GIF past by promoting a GIF creation feature on their app). Their medium is special and, because of that, many people are realizing their potential for advertising, art, design and storytelling.

So sit back, relax and reintroduce yourself to the GIF of tomorrowland.


Photo Source: Vahram Muratyan, Prada, Dixie sunglasses


Esperanza Spalding

Photo Source: Adam Kissick for NPR


Photo Source: Jamie Beck



Photo Source: Adam Kissick for NPR

Have you seen some incredible uses for the GIF? Share them with us!

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