March Event: Social Media and Fashion

Mar 12, 13 March Event: Social Media and Fashion

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We are only a week away from our March event, and we want to know what’s in your closet. Not the one in your room, but on Pinterest! This month we will be focusing on social media and fashion, with quite an awesome panel of folks ready to talk to you. In addition to our amazing panelists, @iStrategyLabs was kind enough to...

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Hiring? Join Our Career Fair!

Feb 26, 13 Hiring? Join Our Career Fair!

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DC is a melting pot with a lot to offer, and we want to help connect you to the best possible employees. With this in mind, we have partnered with George Washington University to host our first career fair on April 24. We’re seeking the best digital and social companies in the District, Virgina, and Maryland to take part in...

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Event: Happy Hour with Proceeds Going to Charity

Dec 13, 12 Event: Happy Hour with Proceeds Going to Charity

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Friends, colleagues, guy we met at the bar last year, lend us thy ears! The year is coming to a close, and with that we have decided rather than having another panel to wrap things up, we would instead hold a happy hour. While it won’t necessarily be holiday themed, and we will definitely not be worrying about the end of the...

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Social Media and Hurricane Sandy: Where to Get Your Information

With Sandy coming our way, the metro and federal offices already closed, you have hopefully already started to prepare yourselves for a few days without power. With that in mind, make sure your devices are charged and ready to go so you can still keep track of the latest information. Even if you don’t have Internet access at...

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SMCDC Men: Our First Video Production, Way For You to Get Free Tickets

On October 17 (that’s Next Wednesday folks) the DC Social Media Club will be hosting our monthly event with a focus on social TV. Even if you are not an avid TV watcher, between watching Shark Week, Mad Men, or even the presidential debates you have likely see a hashtag bug on the lower portion of your screen. Social media is...

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Announcement: Welcome SMCDC 2012-2013 Committee Members!

Sep 05, 12 Announcement: Welcome SMCDC 2012-2013 Committee Members!

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Each year the Social Media Club of DC refreshes its ranks with some of the best and brightest from around the DC area, and this round was no different. In fact we had so many people apply this year that it was one of the most difficult years for choosing who we would like on our four committees. While we would have loved to of...

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