Event: Journalism and Social Media


May’s event will focus on how social media is affecting both journalism and the way we consume news.

The way in which we consume news and information is in a constant state of flux. However, as traditional journalists and broadcasters continue to flock to social media, citizen journalists and related publications continue to gain a following that further effect where we get the latest news from around the world.

As journalism continues to evolve and assimilate social media, it’s important to know who to trust, when to get involved, and how breaking news can affect your social brands. Join us at the Washington Post on May 29, at 6:30 p.m. for your chance to hear from an amazing panel of journalists who have experienced this paradigm shift first hand.


  • Ethan Klapper, The Huffington Post (@ethanklapper)
  • Natalie Jennings, Washington Post (@ngjennings)
  • Rachel Huggins, USA Today (@HugginsRachel)
  • Dave Levinthal. Public Integrity (@davelevinthal)


Patrick Pho, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (@dmbosstone)

Event Information

Day: May 29 at 6:30 p.m.

Location: The Washington Post (1150 15th Street Northwest #4 Washington, DC 20071)

Official Hashtag: #smcjournalism

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