An Ode To Good Reading


We’re no strangers to the love of a good book. The rules are quite simple, and both you and I know them. You must have a full commitment to it, unlike social media. A book will express emotion and feeling, it will make you understand.

It does not take long to feel as if you’ve known the book for so long. Your heart may even ache due to its context. Even if you are too shy to discuss the context, you know alone know what’s going on. We knew the social media game but we’re no longer going play it. And if you ask us how we’re feeling, don’t tell us you’re too blind to see that we’re happy just reading these days.

A book won’t give you up or let you down. It’s yours alone, so you know that it won’t run around or ever desert you. Holding a book won’t make you cry, and you will never have to say goodbye as it does not require batteries. Books surely do not lie, and therefore could never hurt you.

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