That Brand Did What On Social Media?!

We’ve barely made a dent in 2013, and we’ve already witnessed numerous social media disasters for companies and individuals.


Since Social Media Club DC and @APCOworldwide are hosting a panel during Social Media Week on crisis management, we thought we would review some of 2012 and 2013′s biggest social media disasters.

Katrina Chan (@katrinachan): When I think of recent Twitter PR disasters, the first one that jumps to mind is the awful @KitchenAidUSA tweet about Obama’s grandmother passing. Even through a personal account of someone tied to the company, that tweet would still be 100% unacceptable in my opinion. Kudos to KitchenAid, though, for apologizing immediately.

Elliot Volkman (@thejournalizer): I would say American Apparel’s poor attempt to create a promotion around Hurricane Sandy was one of the worst disasters last year. The sale was only available to those in states that had damage done to them, and it was clearly one of the most deadly natural disasters to affect the US. [Source]

Sarah Jorgensen (@sosarahsays): I think the biggest social media event of 2012 was definitely the KitchenAid gaffe. I think the way their marketing/PR handled it was exactly the right way. They removed it, but owned up and apologized.

Lacy Baugher (@LacyMB): Lots of social problems in 2012 have been simply things tweeted from the wrong account. It just reinforces that those of us who work in the digital space – managing both brand accounts and our own) need to be aware of both WHERE we’re tweeting from – separate apps are a wonderful thing!- and what we’re saying. Personally, I’m a big believer in authenticity online   and in being true to your own voice – but, let’s be real, there are some things that you probably shouldn’t be tweeting in any instance.

What do you think was the biggest social media disaster and how would you have handled it? Let us know in the comments.

See you on February 20 for our Social Media Week panel on Crisis Management!

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