What we can learn from KitchenAid, and should Social Media Managers maintain personal accounts?

We all know what happened during the first presidential debate. Big Bird got dissed and a social media manager at KitchenAid committed the social media career Avada Kedavra: they inadvertently Tweeted content intended for their personal account to the account they manage professionally. The Tweet (why this is capitalized) appeared...

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Klout Scores: The SAT for Social Media Jobs

I’m certainly not the first person to write about using social influence measurement scores as a recruiting tool: Forbes wrote about it in May (“Will Your Klout Score Get You Hired? The Role of Social Media in Recruiting”) Last year Adrienne Sheares over at I Heart Social Media DC discussed it (“You’re Only As Good As Your Klout...

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Enterprise Social Networks, Performance Reviews, and Company Culture

Jul 18, 12 Enterprise Social Networks, Performance Reviews, and Company Culture

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I was first introduced to the idea of businesses using internal, enterprise social networks last year. I was on a wine tasting trip through upstate New York with a friend who works for a big Human Resources company, and she mentioned she thought it would be the next big thing. “Think of the benefits,” she explained. “It will be...

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