MIT Press to develop a sustainable framework for open access monographs

The MIT Press has gotten a three-year $850,000 grant from Arcadia, a non-profit fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, to execute a broad-based monograph publishing cost analysis and to develop and openly disseminate a durable monetary framework and business plan for open-access (OA) monographs. The press, a leader in OA writing for nearly 25 years, also undertake a pilot system to make usage of the ensuing framework for scholarly front- and backlist titles.

Amy Brand, director regarding the MIT Press and major detective when it comes to grant, views it as an opportunity to explore alternatives into standard market-based business model for expert and scholarly monographs. “through to the mid-1990s, most U.S. institution presses could expect sales of 1,300–1,700 devices, but today monograph product sales are typically in the variety of 300–500 devices,” claims Brand. “Many presses constitute this huge difference with inner subsidies or subventions from institutional or philanthropic resources, but this is not sustainable and sometimes unstable. Because There Is no one-size-fits-all solution, this generous prize from Arcadia allows us to produce and test a versatile OA durability design that may then be adjusted to your needs of our peers.”

There is certainly growing consensus within the university hit community that publishing academic monographs via a durable OA design will be the easiest way to advance scholarship and satisfy their objective. The U.S.-based Association of University Presses comprises 148 user presses that collectively publish roughly 15,000 monographs each year. Crafting and advertising a viable OA model with this community — and at the forefront, because the MIT Press intends to do — would represent an important breakthrough.

Work on the grant is planned to begin in 2019 as well as the very first grant-funded OA monographs is going to be obtainable in 2020. At the conclusion associated with grant in June 2022, MIT Press will honestly share a powerful, blended OA design the institution press community can follow, and adjust, paving the way for many scholarly monographs published every year by college presses and other mission-based scholarly editors to-be much more easily found, accessed, and shared.

“We understand the content we produce is extremely respected by scholars and librarians. Broad and comprehensive option of OA scholarly works published by college presses increases the effect of analysis and contribute significantly towards knowledge-sharing mission of the academy,” concludes Brand.