Local high school girls build dye-sensitized solar cells at MIT

The Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) at MIT Materials Research Laboratory hosted 26 high school women through the greater Boston location last month for meal as well as a science-and-engineering project building dye-sensitized solar panels. The individuals were a subset around 150 women attending the day-long Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) inside City system sponsored by the Boston Area Girls STEM Collaborative.

The girls had been led by three MRSEC graduate pupils and eight undergraduate members of the MIT community of Women Engineers. The solar cell activity involved staining a conductive glass slide by having a thin film of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and raspberry liquid. An additional slide had been covered with graphite. After clipping the 2 slides collectively, an electrolyte solution ended up being used. Girls sized the current and present output of the cells by attaching all of them to a multimeter.

The day-long SET in the City program started at Boston University with two kickoff speakers: a biochemistry professor from Simmons University as well as a scientist from Cellino Biotech. This was accompanied by a “Science Information Bazaar” featuring tabletop demonstrations, posters, exhibits, and computer programs presented by students from member universities.

The 150 senior school participants after that split into five sections, each bused to a new place for meal and a science/engineering task. The five places were MIT, Harvard University, Emmanuel College, Biogen, and Simmons University. After the activity, the complete team reconvened at Merck analysis Laboratories in Boston for keynote address by two Merck researchers titled “Shaping the continuing future of Research: Innovation and Discovery into Clinical Breakthroughs.” A panel of five college and graduate pupils ended the program by revealing their enthusiasm for technology and manufacturing, and describing their university and college experiences.

The Boston region Girls STEM Collaborative is just a set of females representing regional nonprofit organizations, universities, and universities that are invested in increasing youthful women’s participation in technology, technology, manufacturing, and mathematics. SET in the City is just one of the programs developed by the collaborative available girls possibilities to learn more about STEM while interacting with female part models. This is the 11th 12 months that emerge the City was offered.