Featured video: Making medallions

every year, the MIT division of components Science and Engineering (DMSE) gift suggestions its new students — about 100 undergraduate and graduate students — through a bronze medallion associated with the MIT seal. These medallions tend to be totally ready, cast, and completed by students when you look at the DMSE Merton C. Flemings components Processing Laboratory with the lost-wax/investment casting process — similar process utilized by old civilizations, like the Greeks, who are recognized for their sophisticated bronze sculptures.

Every springtime semester, the department hosts regular workshop sessions where students and staff bond, for their hands dirty and work out medallions for the year’s students. During each program, DMSE staff are on hand to guide the whole procedure from beginning to last item.

“i do believe it is a unifying thing that folks truly value,” states Jennifer Glerum, a graduating senior within the division. “whenever you recieve your medallion, even although you don’t know particularly the people which moved into performing that really work, you realize generally speaking [it] was men and women you caused, individuals you understood for several four many years at MIT. … which means something different than simply a mass-produced medallion within a factory somewhere.”

Presented by: Melanie Gonick/MIT  | movie by: Melanie Gonick/MIT  | 3 min, 7 sec