Cody Friesen PhD ’04 awarded $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize

Cody Friesen PhD ’04, an associate at work teacher of materials research at Arizona State University and president of both Fluidic Energy and Zero Mass liquid, had been awarded the 2019 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize for innovation. Friesen features dedicated his profession to inventing solutions that address two associated with biggest challenges to personal and economic development in developing globe: access to fresh-water and reliable energy. His renewable liquid and energy technologies help fight weather modification while supplying valuable sources to underserved communities.

Friesen’s very first business, Fluidic Energy, ended up being created to commercialize and deploy the world’s first, and just, rechargeable metal-air battery, which could withstand many thousands of discharges. Technology has furnished backup power during about 1 million long-duration outages, while at the same time offsetting lots and lots of tons of co2 emissions. The battery packs are being used as additional energy source on four continents at several thousand important load sites as well as in a large number of microgrids. Several million individuals have benefited from accessibility reliable energy due to the technology. Fluidic Energy was renamed NantEnergy, with Patrick Soon-Shiong investing somewhat inside continued worldwide expansion for the technology.

At this time, Friesen’s attempts tend to be focused on dealing with the global liquid crisis through his business, Zero Mass Water. Friesen created PROVIDER Hydropanels, that are solar power panels which make normal water from sunshine and air. The innovation is just a true leapfrog technology and may make normal water in dried out conditions with only 5 per cent general humidity. PROVIDER is deployed in 33 nations spanning six continents. The hydropanels tend to be offering clean normal water in communities, refugee camps, federal government workplaces, resort hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and houses all over the world.

“As inventors, we’ve a obligation to make certain our technology serves each of mankind, not only the elite,” claims Friesen. “At the termination of the day, our work is about impact, and also this recognition propels us ahead once we deploy SOURCE Hydropanels to alter the peoples relationship to liquid throughout the world.”

Friesen joins a lengthy lineage of inventors to receive the Lemelson-MIT Prize, the greatest money award for creation in the usa for 25 years. He’ll be donating his reward up to a project with Conservation Global to give you clean drinking tap water via SUPPLY Hydropanels into Bahia Hondita neighborhood in Colombia.

“Cody’s inventive spirit, fueled by his strong aspire to help improve the lives of individuals every-where, is an impressive role model for generations to come,” claims Michael Cima, faculty director when it comes to Lemelson-MIT system and connect dean of innovation for the MIT class of Engineering. “Water scarcity is just a prominent worldwide problem, which Cody is combating through technology and innovation. We’re excited the usage of this honor will more elevate their work.”

“Cody Friesen symbolizes what it indicates becoming a visible impact creator,” notes Carol Dahl, executive director at the Lemelson Foundation. “His inventions tend to be really increasing lives, account for environmental considerations, and have become the foundation for companies that affect huge numbers of people around the globe annually. We are recognized to acknowledge Dr. Friesen because year’s LMIT Prize champion.” 

Friesen will talk at EmTech MIT, the yearly summit on promising technologies hosted by MIT Technology Evaluation during the MIT Media Lab on Sept. 18 at 5 p.m.