Cody Friesen PhD ’04 awarded $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize

Cody Friesen PhD ’04, a co-employee teacher of materials technology at Arizona State University and president of both Fluidic Energy and Zero Mass Water, had been awarded the 2019 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize for invention. Friesen has actually committed their job to inventing solutions that address two regarding the biggest challenges to personal and financial development within the establishing globe: access to fresh-water and dependable energy. His green liquid and power technologies help fight environment modification while offering valuable sources to underserved communities.

Friesen’s very first organization, Fluidic Energy, was created to commercialize and deploy the world’s initially, and only, rechargeable metal-air electric battery, that could resist thousands of discharges. Technology has furnished back up energy during about 1 million long-duration outages, while simultaneously offsetting tens and thousands of a great deal of carbon dioxide emissions. The batteries are used as a additional power source on four continents at a large number of vital load sites plus dozens of microgrids. A few million people have benefited from use of trustworthy power due to the technology. Fluidic Energy was rebranded NantEnergy, with Patrick Soon-Shiong investing significantly in the continued global development associated with the technology.

Presently, Friesen’s attempts tend to be centered on addressing the worldwide water crisis through his organization, Zero Mass Water. Friesen created PROVIDER Hydropanels, which are solar energy panels which make drinking tap water from sunlight and air. The invention is just a true leapfrog technology and may make drinking tap water in dry problems with as little as 5 % relative humidity. SOURCE was implemented in 33 countries spanning six continents. The hydropanels are providing clean normal water in communities, refugee camps, government workplaces, accommodations, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and houses across the world.

“As creators, we now have a responsibility to ensure our technology serves all of humanity, not only the elite,” claims Friesen. “At the termination of a single day, our tasks are about effect, and this recognition propels us forward even as we deploy SOURCE Hydropanels to alter the personal commitment to liquid throughout the world.”

Friesen joins a lengthy lineage of inventors to get the Lemelson-MIT Prize, the greatest cash award for creation in the us for 25 many years. He can be donating their reward up to a project with Conservation International to give clean normal water via SUPPLY Hydropanels towards Bahia Hondita community in Colombia.

“Cody’s inventive character, fueled by their strong desire to help improve the resides of individuals everywhere, can be an impressive role design for generations to come,” says Michael Cima, professors manager for the Lemelson-MIT plan and connect dean of development for the MIT class of Engineering. “Water scarcity is a prominent worldwide problem, which Cody is combating through technology and innovation. We Have Been excited your utilization of this prize will further elevate their work.”

“Cody Friesen embodies exactly what it means to-be a visible impact creator,” notes Carol Dahl, executive manager during the Lemelson Foundation. “His inventions are undoubtedly increasing resides, consider environmental factors, and also have end up being the foundation for organizations that affect thousands of people worldwide annually. Our company is recognized to acknowledge Dr. Friesen because year’s LMIT Prize winner.” 

Friesen will speak at EmTech MIT, the yearly meeting on promising technologies hosted by MIT Technology Evaluation during the MIT Media Lab on Sept. 18 at 5 p.m.