Twitter to Announce Expanded 141 Character Limit

Exclusive Article via Micheal Mullen (@idiottech)

On Monday, Twitter will release a small but significant change to the style that Tweeters have used to capture their thoughts, messages and promotions using a mere 140. The announcement will unveil that Tweets will now have new message threshold of 141 characters.

A source, close to the matter said that that change from 140 to 141 is due to several factors. First and foremost, it’s math. A recent intern for the company had completed an early thesis project that says that, statistically speaking, with the growth of Twitter to countries such as Russia and several Arab counties, many with surnames in the 20+ character range, increasing tweets to a maximum of 141 characters would enable those tweeters to better communicate their thoughts.

Twitter had planned on making April 1 (note “41”) as the announcement date for the change but since that date fell on a weekend, the company plans on releasing the news just after midnight on April 2 as well as allowing those updates for its associated third-party Twitter clients. A marketing campaign called “Twitter’s 141 is the new 411” is also expected to roll out as a sponsored promotion to help notify users of the social media platform. Stay tuned for more details as Twitter makes the change, but for now, start planning to add one more character to your next tweet.



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