Meet The 2012 Social Media Club DC Leadership Team!

Ladies and germs, please meet your 2012 SMC-DC Leadership Team! (And to meet them IRL, come on down to our “End of Summer” happy hour at Sign of the Whale, co-hosted by Ad2DC on Wednesday, 8/24. Huzzah!)

We had an enormous pool of incredibly talented people to choose from, and picking the team was damn near impossible. That said, there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year to get involved with SMC-DC, so please, keep in touch with us (Twitter, Facebook, ) – this group is truly a product of the incredible community here in DC, and wouldn’t exist without it. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to apply – we’re truly grateful for the support and enthusiasm this town shows the Social Media Club, and we look forward to seeing you at all our events this year!

(You can follow the entire team on Twitter here.)


Rachael King

Digital Content & Community Team

Vice Presidents

Alex Priest

Jason Peck

Team Members

Mike Rupert

Laney Cohen

Elliot Volkman

Joshua Paul

Heidi Schmidt

Events Team

Vice Presidents:

Sarah Oyungu

Deborah Ager

Team Members:

Elizabeth Glomb

Kari O’Brien

Kelly Paras

Kelly Barrett

Stephanie Ryska

Adrienne Shears

Sponsorship Team

Vice Presidents:

Tyler Gray

Berrak Sarikaya

Team Members

Emil Caillaux

Bennett Resnik

Isabel Saldarriaga

Sarah Jorgensen, aka “The Viking”

Alex Stevens

Marketing & Partnerships Team

Vice Presidents

Kevin Fawley

Rebecca Frank

Team Members

Nicole Cairns

Allison Brill

Angela Brown

Kevin Olivieri

Clement Bryant

Social Media Breakfast Team

Megan Yarbrough

Rachel Rule

(Special thanks to these two for keeping SMB going!)

Photography/Multimedia Team

Jason McCool

Erin Bush

Illustrious Newsletter Editor

Richard Rawson

Again, thanks to everyone who showed interest. With a stellar team in place, we’re really looking forward to the next year. As always, if you have ideas for a panel, how to make SMC-DC better, or would like to sponsor an event, please get in touch with us!

Thank you,

Rachael King, President


  1. Aris Kyriakopoulos /

    Congrats everyone! This is a stellar crew. Looking forward to a great year!

  2. Elliot V /

    Looking forward to working with such creative minds. Congrats everyone :)

  3. Berrak /

    Looking forward to rocking it this year with such an awesome team! :)

  4. Kelly Paras /

    Game On!

  5. Larissa Fair /

    Loving it all! Best of luck to the new team! :)

  6. Kari O'Brien /

    Really excited to meet everyone! Congrats to Alex & Kevin!

  7. Josh Paul /

    It is going to be a great year. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with all of you! I wish I was going to be in town for the happy hour next week. See you soon.

  8. Jason Peck /

    Pumped to be involved with such a great group of people! Looking forward to taking things to the next level

  9. @Nakeva /

    Congratulations to the new team for 2012. Proud to see a good thing come together.

  10. Nicole /

    I think y’all have the wrong info for Heidi Schmidt. Although her blog is, her Twitter handle is @missheidi.

  11. Kevin Fawley /

    Looks like Rachael’s put an awesome team together. Really excited to dive in and make some noise in this city.

  12. Shashi Bellamkonda /

    Congratulations! team . Looking forward to a great year ahead with you all.


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